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Reiki and Massage

The following "hands on" therapies are also available at our office and may greatly improve your health.

Enhance Your Life Energy with Reiki

Reiki is a method of stress reduction and deep relaxation. The technique was developed in Japan and is administered by the laying on of hands. Heat flows between the practitioner's hands and the patient, and this promotes healing and well-being. It's not uncommon for a patient undergoing reiki to fall asleep from this therapy.

Reiki is quite different from massage. If you have never heard of reiki before, watch the following video for an introduction.

Reiki from Joel Khallouf on Vimeo.


Relieve Stress and Remove Muscle Stiffness with Massage

If you are in need of a therapeutic massage, Kathy J. Perez is our licensed massage therapist on site.

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